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You don't need to see our identification
2011-02-18 07:57:00

There's a Fight Club reference in here someplace...

I don't have much to say this morning. I've been using up all my available words writing my Toy Fair coverage. You can find the latest parts here and here.

I've been having horrible PC problems at home. Since late last week, many times when I launch a Flash movie, my screen freezes, then goes black. I uninstalled and reinstalled browsers and Flash and updated my video card driver, and I though I'd had it fixed. Until yesterday, when it started freezing when I was just reading web forums with no Flash content. That's very much from bad to worse. I haven't yet tried using Photoshop for a comic since this new problem started. I might have trouble doing these comics if it freezes after five minutes of activity. I think my next step will be a system restore to two weeks ago. Hopefully I can fix it... not really looking to replace the PC at the moment...

But if I do end up needing to... maybe you could help cover the costs by buying a VERY LIMITED EDITION PRINT!!!

Gaze in awe at my masterful plugginess... turning PC problems into a marketing opportunity!

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