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If you stop harping on us, we will create a special C7YB designation for figures that will be worth thousands.


Posted by: AFA    November 16, 2013 8:59:35 AM CST

Collected thoughts:

AFA - Illegit
2013-11-15 09:32:33

So this week I've been reacting to a post on RebelScum which linked to the number of figures destroyed by AFA via "U" grading. And today I get to the crux. I ask you - if an individual walked into your house, indiscriminately grabbed Vintage MOC figures from your collection, and tore them into itty-bitty pieces, would you ask that guy "Hey, can you tell me what this one is worth?" Or would you decide this individual was a maniac and that his opinion on collectibles was invalid. I'd think the latter. AFA has destroyed thousands upon thousands of Vintage packaged figures. It was indiscriminate in that they destroyed any figure they were asked to. That includes true rarities - like double-telescoping figures! As long as someone is willing to pay the fee they'll destroy anything. This is not an member of our community acting in good faith. As such, I posit that AFA grades are no legitimate.

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