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Collected thoughts:

Early in the morning
2010-05-24 08:08:43

I'd like to begin by saying the Shop is fixed. And it's actually much better than it used to be. I figured out how to use the "Add to Cart" function from PayPal, which allows me to combine shipping. So now you can save a ton of money by buying seven or eight prints at once! Genius!

Today marks the beginning of another epic story arc! Reuben's education continues as Z introduces him to 6:30am. I remember the days when 6:30am were unthinkable... a true sacrifice to the hobby gods. It was the price you paid if you ever wanted to see new figures. But these days I have a real job. Now 6:30am is a welcome respite or a weekend sleeping in.

I have some big plans for this story arc, but I don't yet know if I'll be able to pull them off. I have visions in my head, but no idea if I can translate them to paper. This will be an adventure! So giddyup!

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