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Yeah, I'm still ticked that Tom Brady didn't get SB MVP. I mean, come on, it's the great Tom Brady! LOL

Posted by: BillG    February 7, 2011 1:24:14 PM CST

Collected thoughts:

Brand new day
2011-02-07 07:53:29

In the immortal words of the great Myron Cope - "What a Dee-Bock-oll!" That was probably the worst Super Bowl I've ever watched. A mess from even before the National Anthem was botched, as they sent home 400 people because their seats were unsafe. The game was a comedy of unforced errors. Sloppy from beginning to end. In a game that neither team deserved to win, the team I wasn't rooting for held on despite playing awful. There wasn't a man on the field who earned the MVP, but giving it to Aaron Rogers was just laughable given how he was embarrassingly inept for 3/4 of the game. The game was a failure. It was unbecoming of the great sport of professional football. It was so bad that it was almost as bad as the halftime show, where they botched the audio so badly that the music sounded like it was coming from a battery-powered AM radio played into a microphone too softly to cover the sub-par singing ability of the BEPs.

That felt good to get off my chest!

Oh yeah... then there's this web comic thing...

I had a number of readers post the AFA story arc to various collecting forums, including RebelScum (oh wait, that was me), ImperialGunneryForum.com and NordicGarrison.net, which has significantly bumped up traffic. And the reactions there have been mostly positive, aside from the expected "it's not funny" posts. What can I say, a lot of people don't find my comics funny. My sense of humor is a bit irregular. Normally it's my throw-away, pedestrian, "I don't have any ideas so just do something lame and stupid" comics that get the best reactions. When I try not to appeal to the lowest common denominator, that's when I do great work that nobody enjoys. But anyway... thanks to the guys who posted to those forums about my strip! Your efforts are greatly appreciated! My goal here is to eventually not toil in anonymity, and you've helped me to that end.

Next we're going to explore how Z reacts to the stunning events of the AFA-U story arc. How will Z be affected after being pushed over the edge? Find out, now!

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