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Collected thoughts:

What a bargain!
2010-11-08 07:43:45

The event referenced today happened a week or two ago... whilst I was in the midst of my Singular Focus story arc. I'm pretty sure the sale has ended. So hopefully you were plugged into some other media source and were able to take advantage of the deal when it happened.

The thing about these clearance prices - they motivate me not to buy anything when it first comes out. It seems like every high-dollar item get clearanced at some point. I'm holding off on 3PO statues and the RAH 3PO and pretty much everything that costs more than $7. I'd be kicking myself if I'd paid full price for an AT-AT only to see it for $50 a couple months later. It pays to be patient.

(actually, I would have got the RAH 3PO from Sideshow if the head didn't look all wonky... those eyes are just too close together. Very poor craftsmanship there, IMO)

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