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Let's get to know these guys
2010-04-12 07:21:58

Happy Monday, folks, on this the first Monday edition of The Former Name of this Web Comic that Shall Not Be Named.

Gosh, I know I had something to say about this comic, but it escapes me at this point. Maybe that's because I haven't had my coffee yet. At any rate, we're still in the "introductions" phase of the strip, so I guess it would be appropriate for an introduction of the characters! That way they can call each other by name, so you'll know their names and become familiar with them and start to like them then buy all sorts of merchandise with their images on it, and T-shirts with their catch phrases on them and all that good stuff.

By the way, I sold my first print! So the business model isn't completely broken. Woohoo!! Unfortunately I sold a print of the teaser image, which might mean my art sucks compared to two circles and a rectangle. I'm not trying to read too much into it... yet.

So have a happy Monday... if such things exist.

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