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Collected thoughts:

True grit
2010-04-30 10:20:43

Yikes! 10am already! I gotta stop getting caught up in real work and knock this thing out before I start doing anything productive.

Tonight is the Clone Wars season 2 finale. I'm meeting with some of my Star Wars buddies to watch it. Yes, I'm that big a dork.

And the story arc continues to approach its conclusion. I've received lots of positive feedback. I'm glad this has been well received from the get-go. If you like it, don't forget to click the "Share" button so other people will continue to find out about it. We've had over 750 unique pageviews since the strip's inception (well, actually that's since I dropped in the analytics coding two weeks ago...). That's a good start. But it's well short of the ONE MILLION READERS I'm shooting for. Let's build that up, baby! Every little bit helps. Hell, even just "liking" or commenting on my FaceBook links would be very much appreciated. Please... I want fame and fortune!

OK... enough begging! Have a laugh!

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