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Collected thoughts:

You get what you pay for
2010-09-20 09:22:38

The story that was all the rage last week (and I mean "rage" in the "furious anger" sense) was the arrival of thousands of absolutely trashed rocket firing Boba Fetts from Hasbro's fulfillment center. In 1980 Kenner cancelled the rocket firing Boba Fett because some kid choked on a Cylon missile. In 2010 asphyxiation may have been a preferable option to many collectors to receiving obliterated action figures.

I mean, come on, Hasbro! You charge these loyal fans and customers $7 shipping, then you mail these out in boxes that are about as rugged as tissue paper? Whose bright idea was that?

I heard they set up a phone number or web site or something for complaints. That's a nice gesture, but you'd have been better off choosing a viable distribution solution ahead of time. That's what I've been doing with my Celebration V cereal boxes on eBay. I ship in a rock-solid trading card box. Zero complaints so far. And that's the goal to which we should all strive.

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