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Collected thoughts:

2010-10-01 08:17:26

It's no secret among my friends that I collect Star Wars stuff. And the fact that most of my co-workers have friended me on Facebook and routinely check out the comics I post there would indicate it's no secret at my job, either. I'm comfortable in my own skin, so it doesn't bother me. But last weekend I undertook a Star Wars endeavor which was mortifyingly embarrassing.

I went to Build-a-Bear to get a C-3PO bear.

I opted for the "Star Wars Bear" as the base unit onto which I would assemble the C-3PO costume. It seemed appropriate. And the end product is very nice. I had Lynda take a photo, but the result was a bit more maniacal-looking than I thought it would be looking at the LCD on the camera. I look unhinged instead of bursting with joy. So I'll need to post a new one at a later date.

I couldn't go to Build-a-Bear alone... that just wasn't going to happen. I simply can't imagine crossing that threshold at South Hills Village without some sort of buffer. So I took my wife and kids. As a result I ended up spending another $70 on bears for my daughters. That's a heavy cost for that sort of protection, but it was well worth it.

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