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Collected thoughts:

Culture shock
2010-11-19 07:49:45

Hey there, kids! Know what's coming up in two weeks? Steel City Con! That's Pittsburgh's thrice-annual toy collecting show, and yours truly will be in attendance. I don't have a booth or anything... I'll just be there. Of course the three or four of you who read this comic already know that and are planning to meet me there for beers on Friday... so I don't know why I'm acting like I'm educating the populace here. Perhaps it's so years down the line people will go back through the archives and conclude I was immensely popular very early on.

SSC will feature its normal assortment of sci-fi actors and distressingly muscular women. Daniel Logan will be there, and he's always a blast to hang out with. And PSWCS will be collecting toys for hospitalized kids (which you may recall I mentioned previously). In my opinion you can't plug a good thing too often. So there's one more!

Among the other things you might come across at SSC are Japanese toys. Those guys do it differently over there. And in some ways, they do it better. In comparison, I find the Western version of Snow Bunny Padme to be decidedly lacking compared to what could be.

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