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Collected thoughts:

The naming process
2010-11-29 07:46:36

I picked up some of the ROTJ Vintage Collection wave last week. They're pretty nice. I got Wicket, Gamorrean Guard and Klaatu. Fantastic sculpts. Real value for the money. No complaints.


Alright... what the hell is with Klaatu's name? Wooof? Seriously? Is that a happy dog sound? An expression of exhausted, drunk revelry? I mean, come on! Where do they come up with this stuff??

They release an Ewok that has seven apostrophes in its name, and the best they can come up with for an exact depiction of a Vintage character that already has a name is Wooof? Wooof??!! Come on, guys! Dude would seriously get laughed off the Sail Barge with that moniker. And how would you even pronounce that? Whew-fff? Whoff? Woooooo-f? Step up your game already? A figure with this nice a sculpt deserves a decent name!

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