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Collected thoughts:

The crux
2011-01-14 07:04:26

So today we get to the point... the statement I intended to make when drawing up this story arc. It's a simple point, but it's one with which some AFA collectors would disagree.

One of the things I DETEST about AFA is how it's used to artificially manufacture rarity. There aren't enough genuinely rare items out there for every collector to have impressive things, so they turn to "high grade" things to set themselves apart. And they believe that scarceness on the AFA registry somehow translates to genuine rarity or significance for a particular piece. It's pathetic. And the lengths to which some collectors have gone to secure one-of AFA graded pieces? Sickening.

Now that we've gotten to the point, I'm going to spend the next handful of strips belaboring it. Enjoy!

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