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Collected thoughts:

2011-02-21 07:35:14

It always amazes me when my strips end up mirroring real life. In this instance, the security guard is to Z as the tax man is to me. I filed my federal taxes yesterday, and things did not go well. It turns out two of my wife's employers were not withholding at the right rate. It was so far off that when I submitted the figures TurboTax stood up and said "Woah... woah... woah... WOAH! Are you SERIOUS?? That can't be right! Go back and type it in again, you moron!" But sadly, it was right. This was the year taxes were supposed to be easy because all of Lynda's employers were finally withholding and we didn't have to save a bunch of extra cash to pay the bill. That doesn't work when they're withholding under what I can only conclude is the assumption that Lynda is the sole breadwinner of the household and this one job is her only income.

So, I'm not going to be buying anything anytime soon. *sad face*. I am going to start finally selling through some of the bins of stuff I have up in the attic marked "Sell" though. I've been sitting on those too long. And if I ever needed motivation to finally get moving on them... well, this is it!

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