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Collected thoughts:

What a long, strange trip it's been
2011-02-25 07:31:33

Remember No Country for Old Men? Yeah, I just kinda did that to you. Though I'm guessing you had a lot less invested in my comics than any viewers had of that particular film. I generally hate that gag... it feels cheap... but I felt in this particular context it'd be funny. Perhaps we'll see the Shaolin Monks of Lightning Spears again in the future (though in retrospect I should have called them the Shaolin Monks of THE Lightning Spear... I should probably go back and fix that in PhotoShop...).

This Saturday my mom and dad are holding a garage sale, because they're moving to a new house next week. So I'm gonna set up a table and try to get rid of some of the Star Wars stuff that's been sitting in bins marked "sell" for the last four months. I plan to put most of that up on eBay eventually, but it's be nice to avoid the hassle. I'm guessing most of the people who show up looking for Star Wars after seeing my Craig's List posting will be PSWCS members who attend the meetings and already saw most of my stuff... and it'll serve them right for not regularly reading the comic! I just wish I had some PSWCS business cards handy. Could make for a nice recruiting event. Maybe I'll make fliers...

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