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Collected thoughts:

Into the vault
2011-02-28 07:59:06

And this is where the magic happens...

We're almost to the Guru... just wanted to do a quick walk-through of the collection room on the way.

Star Wars made a couple nice appearances on the Oscars last night. The theme was played as they introduced the Best Score category, which was awesome. And of course Padme won for best actress. That goes to prove she's an awesome actress when she has a decent director. I remember ages ago just falling in love with her (in a completely appropriate and non-pervy way) in Beautiful Girls. I would have waited for you!!

Best Actress was the only award I really cared about for the night, and she gave a fine speech. Otherwise it was a pretty dull broadcast. Actors are just terrible Oscar hosts. I don't know why they don't just do the obvious thing and get Jerry Seinfeld to host. He'd be brilliant. He's funny in a family-friendly enough way to be inoffensive. And he know how to work a crowd better than any of the last 10 hosts. Plus he'd bring legit star power and tons of viewers.

Ah well... at least Natalie won. And there were tons of gorgeous women in gorgeous gowns. So all-in-all it was a good waste of a few hours.

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