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Collected thoughts:

Always in motion, the future
2011-03-04 07:11:16

Man, I am just bushed. I've got a thousand and one things going on, and I've been working my butt off at work, and I'm just ready to crash. Who knew being the president of the USA's largest Star Wars collecting club and the executive editor of a probably the longest-running Star Wars collecting comedy web site and the artist and writer of a thrice-weekly web comic and the son of parents who just moved to a new house and the brother of a brother who just bought a new house and the father of two daughters and a web developer for Pittsburgh's largest employer and health care service provider would be so much work?

Tonight I'm meeting up with some PSWCS buds over at Steel City Con. Because I didn't have anything else to do this afternoon, you know. But I love browsing the aisles at SCC... looking for that rare gem. Last time I snagged a dead mint Vintage EV-9D9 for $30. My old EV-9D9 had the dreaded broken arm. This one, nice and tight. Winning!

I'm also looking forward to maybe hanging out with Garrison Carida, which is always a blast. I didn't know just how much of a blast until last December when I stopped by their hotel after dinner. I don't want to say too much, lest someone get in trouble. But I was taken back to my fraternity days...

I hope you guys have a similarly epic weekend!

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