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Collected thoughts:

2011-03-16 07:52:11

You know, the last time I talked about torturing people who collect AFA-U figures, I got criticized for not being entirely evenhanded. I don't think this current story arc is going to improve my reputation on this matter.

My eBay auctions ended last night, and I actually didn't make out too poorly. I lost money based on what I spent on these figures, but I made enough back that I'm planning to sell more. When the options are "collecting dust in my attic" v/s "a couple hundred bucks in my wallet" I think the choice is clear. And I'm fully confident that should I ever again have the urge to own a complete set of POTF2 figures circa 1995, I won't have many problems assembling such a collection.

Thanks to anyone who bid! I'm hoping to have another batch ready for posting Monday. We'll see how things go.

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