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"I'm not. I hate lame puns." Well, nobody's perfect. oh, and May the Fourth be with you! haha!

Posted by: Bill G.    May 6, 2011 1:33:29 PM CDT

Collected thoughts:

Happy lame pun day
2011-05-04 07:46:21

Yes, today is "May the 4th" and all sorts of geeks are going to wish you "Happy Star Wars Day" and declare "May the 4th be with you!"

I'm not. I hate lame puns. I LOVE bad, horrible, cringe-worthy puns. If you're gonna hit someone with a pun, it better be the sort that makes you feel just wrong for having said it. Lame puns, though? They have no place with me. There's only one "Star Wars Day," damnit, and that day is May 25th.

Today I make good on one of CreatureCantina.com's 10th Anniversary prizes, with a walk-one role in C7YB for one of our dedicated readers. The story dictated that this "walk-on" be expanded to a full-blown starring role. So our friend Michael is going to be with us through quite a few strips. And I'll be sending him prints of all of them. So whenever I get around to posting the prints in the shop, these will be limited to JUST ONE! That's right, even more extremely limited! Better click that PayPal button! Woo!

That also brings to the forefront my great shame. I've been lazy. I still have three prizes from the Anniversary contest sitting on my living room floor. I shipped out everything that was small within a few days, but these larger items I can't find boxes for. But I've decided I'm going to pack them tonight, come hell or high water. So if you haven't received your prize, it's not because we forgot about you, it's because I'd rather be playing Dragon Age than fulfilling my obligations. Apologies.

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