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Collected thoughts:

Exit through the gift shop
2011-07-22 07:34:21

Disney is all about one thing - making money. While we were down there my younger daughter Jasmine, who's all about the Princesses, had her own princess makeover. I don't think she's ever been happier. She was glowing, and it was awesome. But the cost - astronomical.

But that wasn't the only money we spent... and nor was I immune. As you're probably aware, when you get off Star Tours you exit through the gift shop (on a side note - Exit Through the Gift Shop - outstanding documentary. Perhaps the best I've seen). And you're forced to walk through a wonderful selection of Star Wars goodies. Making it through that gauntlet with your wallet closed is nigh impossible. I went home with three Potato Heads and a figure multi-pack (featuring the new star of Star Tours - C-3PO!)

I left Florida with one regret. During the safety video that preceded the ride, they show one of the passengers stowing their gear in a net below their chair. Among the stuff was an adorable stuffed Ewok. And as I watched the video the first of eight times, I thought to myself "Hey, that's a cute Ewok... what a missed opportunity by Disney not offering that thing for sale in the gift shop." As I left the ride what do I behold in the gift shop? The exact Ewok from the safety video. And there I was impressed. I flirted with grabbing one, but passed. When our day at the park drew to a close, I grabbed the Potato Heads and figure set, but didn't grab an Ewok. It didn't fit my focus. After leaving the park and reflecting, I was full of regret. I went to Downtown Disney the next day, and looked for the Ewok there, but apparently it's exclusive to the Star Tours gift shop. Pity. So I guess I'm going to have to wait until Celebration 6 to get my safety video Ewok. Thankfully, I'm patient. I just hope they're still available...

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