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C7YB Presents: Special Shoppers
2011-08-01 08:14:39

Happy Monday... as if there was such a thing. This week I'm doing a little micro-series of comics about "Special Shoppers" - collectors who engage in very specific behaviors to achieve desired outcomes. Mind you I'm not mocking these behaviors. I have quite a few friends who engage in these behaviors. I just thought they were notable.

Like the guys who stalk the toy aisle in Target, waiting for the price drop on big-ticket items or exclusives. Their goal - save big bucks! But it requires a level of dedication few possess. And it's a bit... I don't know... morbid. You're hoping for sales to be so bad on a particular item that Target has no choice but to blow it out at 75% off. If you're worried about the sustainability of the hobby and Hasbro's willingness to produce high-end playsets, maybe you should consider paying full price from time to time.

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