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I keep asking Mrs. Tresob if I'll get a week vacation if we can't settle on our grocery budget for the rest of the year. She keeps telling me it doesn't work like that for us. And here I was getting ready to filibuster on the rising costs of gourmet ice cream.

Posted by: Tresob    October 8, 2013 7:34:23 AM CDT

Collected thoughts:

2013-10-07 08:10:21

Today marks a week since the federal government "shut down" over budget concerns. If you're among the non-essential employees who have been furloughed, I feel sorry for you. Tough to make ends meet in that situation, though I did hear that Congress voted to give back pay once the shut down is over. My question is to everyone else - besides being shut out of World War II memorials, has the shut down impacted you? It hasn't affected me, that I've noticed. Seems like the only impact has been intentional for theatrics. And that's pretty pathetic... staging a "crisis."

So I guess no biggie until the debt ceiling forces a default in a week and a half. Hopefully they all come to the table before then...

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